The main objective of every Sidekick Soccer Academy program is to assist in the improvement process for players in search of the simple joy of a high-five to the most driven and competitive athletes – helping to meet the needs of every kind of participant. We teach through motivation & encouragement. Soccer is famously considered ‘the beautiful game’ and we at Sidekick Soccer Academy believe in its ability to improve any player’s quality of life – no matter their skill level or mental or physical limitations.

Will my child’s performance on the pitch be improved?
Sidekick aims for every young player to be challenged, gain success and most of all enjoy training and playing the game. The Sidekick coaching staff is specifically trained on how the best coaches in the world train their youngsters of all ages and abilities.

How do I register for a clinic program?
All registrations are taken on-line at In a few instances (such as with parks and recreation departments) it is possible to register directly with the sponsoring organization. Learn more by clicking on the particular program to register. Please call 508-264-1372 if you experience difficulties.

By registering online at, you get immediate confirmation that your registration has been accepted. Additionally, we are able to easily collect important medical and media waiver confirmation prior to the program. Payment can be made online via credit/debit card.

Is it possible to receive financial aid for my players?
Financial assistance may be available. For eligibility information, contact us at

How are players grouped at a clinic?
Players are grouped based on both age and ability levels. Group allocation is reviewed at the end of each day and players may be moved accordingly to ensure they are in the correct environment and constantly being challenged.

Are players supervised at all times?
Absolutely. Player health and safety is our number one priority. We follow a strict safety policy that ensures that there are always an adequate number of supervisors at all times.

What will happen in cases of injury or illness?
At all of our clinics, the usual course of action once any serious injury is stabilized is to contact the parents and, if necessary, the local emergency services.  In the registration process we also ask important medical related questions so that we are always aware of any pre-existing injury or illness.

Do I need to check in on the first day of clinic?
Yes, on the first day you should arrive 30 minutes prior to the clinic start time in order to check in. At check-in, we will confirm you are registered and distribute any necessary equipment.

After the first day, players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the clinic start time so that they are ready to start the session on time.

What do I do if I need to pick up my child early?
Please notify your child’s coach at morning drop-off and provide them with a written note in order for your child to be ready for you when you arrive. You must personally go to your child’s group, make yourself known to the coach, and collect your child before they can be signed out.

What if I need someone other than myself to pick my child up?
Please provide a signed note with the full name of the person you authorize to pick up your child. This should be given to your child’s coach on the morning of the pick-up. Those individuals will need to bring identification with them each day they come to clinic. Please be aware that our staff will not allow any child to be picked up by someone that the child does not recognize.

Are there bathroom facilities at clinics?
Yes, either permanent or portable facilities will be available at all locations.

What happens if there is inclement weather?
If it’s just rain, we play!  The only time we stop playing is in the case of extremely inclement weather or thunder and lightning. Our coaches are familiar with each facility and they are experienced in making the correct decision should the weather become an issue. The safety and well-being of the children is our number one priority. If it is raining in the morning please travel to the site unless otherwise directed, as decisions will be made by the head coach at each individual location. We will make every attempt to make up any lost time throughout the week by extending the clinic day or starting the clinic earlier each day. It is rare that we are unable to make up lost time throughout the week. In the event that a program is cut short due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen issues, every effort is made to make up lost time. In the event that the program cannot be made up, no refunds or credits are offered.

What happens if there is extreme heat?
The head coach of the clinic is responsible for monitoring the weather forecast daily. If the heat index rises to extreme or dangerous levels the camp day will be adjusted accordingly. In the event that a clinic is modified or cancelled you will be notified accordingly through e-mail, text, or social media.

What is the cancellation policy after payment has been made?
All cancellations are subject to a $50 processing fee provided that they are made prior to 14 days of the program start date. No refunds will be given for cancellations that are made within 14 days of the program start date. If you need to cancel or make changes to your program registration, please e-mail

In the event that a program is cut short due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen issues, every effort is made to make up lost time. In the event that the program cannot be made up, no refunds or credits are offered.

What are the chances of meeting a professional player?
It is possible that the players will be able to meet a current and former professional, though not guaranteed. In the past, Sidekick has had Major League Soccer players Keasel Broome, Diego Fagundez and Jason Moore attend, show off skills, give advice, and sign autographs! For video, go here:

My child is attending on his/her own; will he/she be ok?
Yes, the majority of players attend without friends and family. Individuals will be placed in groups with players of the same age who are also on their own. The first session of every course is designed to help all individual players integrate to form a team and also make new friends.

What qualifications does your staff have?
Believing in and developing young people extends from Sidekick’s coaching program to Sidekick’s coach recruitment process. Experience is passed on to nurture coaches and, thus, players. All coaches have a professional certification either through NSCAA, USSF, UEFA, USYF, or a similar entity. Player welfare is the top priority! Sidekick is a NSCAA Member Club and is fully insured. Sidekick coaches have additionally passed a CORI check. Sidekick coaches have First Aid/CPR certification. Our team is dedicated to care for all young players, both on and off the field, and provide the very best, safe and secure facilities. Sidekick (and its partners) ensures our policies and procedures meet the proper standards and requirements.

Is food/drink provided?
No food or drink is provided. We suggest that all players are conscience of bringing healthy snacks, food and beverages. Please follow our nutritional guideline by clicking here.

What do players need to bring/wear?
CLOTHING: We suggest that players wear two pair of socks (ankle socks underneath knee-high soccer socks), shinguards (over ankle socks and UNDERNEATH knee-high soccer socks), and proper soccer boots (cleats!). Players should also wear soccer shorts and a soccer shirt.

FOOD/Other: Please bring/wear appropriate sun-care lotion. Refer to above question regarding food. Please bring multiple bottles of water. Please bring a personal belongings bag.

As a FYI, watches are considered jewelry and are not allowed on the field. We will ask players to put this in whatever personal belongings bag they bring.

I have a child taking a full day clinic – is the lunch break supervised?
If your child has a lunch break between sessions, the Sidekick staff will be on hand to supervise lunch.

I have children taking half-day clinics in different age groups – will they both learn the same things?
Each age range will follow a separate program. However, all programs will include individual footwork exercises, pairs and small group practices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages and the Clinic Tournament.

How much pocket money will players need whilst at a clinic?
There should be no need for money for players to bring money. We strongly advise NOT bringing expensive/exclusive mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods, hand-held game consoles, or jewelry.

Can I watch my child during the clinic?
The safety and well-being of all children at Sidekick clinics is of paramount importance. Unless a player is between ages 4 – 6, we must restrict visitor access to ONLY Thursday morning from 11 am – 12 pm. This will allow the children to settle into the clinic lifestyle and maintain their safety and security.

On Thursday morning between 11 am and 12 pm, we will be holding the championship match of the week, as well as an award ceremony, which make for great photo opportunities!

Is there specific Goalkeeping instruction?
Yes, Sidekick can professionally provide technique instruction if a player requests it in advance of the clinic.

Do I need insurance?
We recommend that you do take out insurance to cover personal belongings, illness and injury. No refunds will be issued if illness or injury prevents individuals from participation or cuts short their stay at our program. Sidekick is a NSCAA Member Club and is insured for its own liability.

My child is just outside the relevant age for a particular clinic offering. What can I do?
Unfortunately your child has to be of the relevant age throughout the duration of the clinic. If you do have a special request, please provide additional info about the player to:

How many clincs can my child attend for?
As many as they like as long as the program does not sell out.

Under no circumstances will Sidekick allow children under 16 to leave the clinic without a named adult, so please arrive promptly at collection time.
These regulations are designed for the safety and welfare of children in our care. Should children not be collected in accordance with our requirements, the area Social Services Authority will be contacted. Many thanks for your assistance in this important matter.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about a Sidekick program?
Please e-mail us at

Where can I find a list of local Sidekick programs?
All programs are listed on our website.  Please click on the online registration page to view a list of programs in your area.

There’s no clinic in my town. Can I set one up?
Yes, please email us at for further information.

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