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    The Summer Clinic Series is looking for goal scorers between the ages of 4 and 13!
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    The 'Kick with Care' Clinic Series will bring soccer to adults with disabilities on a weekly basis in Acton and Somerville, beginning in April. Click to learn more and sign up!
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    The Wolves Futsal Club U12 Boys Heroes will be competing at Disney World this August in the World Futsal Championships! Click to learn more about their - and the entire club's success this winter.

“I have nothing but glowing praise for how I felt the sessions went all season. It was great to get the session plans ahead to see what was coming, and so I could be prepared to assist.  It also helped in those few cases where something in the plan wasn’t entirely appropriate for the girls and I could tell that to Coach Derik at the beginning. Coach Derik was great with that feedback, though I only had to do it once or twice.  And he also did a great job adjusting on the fly when a drill was proving too easy or too challenging.  Our kids really looked forward to the sessions … As much as I try to prepare, I feel like my practices get a bit stale as the season wears on and my teams seem to peak about halfway. Having a different coach with different activities and drills come in really helped me to keep things fresh and fun and it showed.  The girls were competitive all season but really continued to improve right through to the last game. It is great for experienced and new coaches alike, and we know that all the players are being exposed to at least some of the same fundamentals throughout the season.”
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