Sidekick Soccer Academy – Developing YOU for the NEXT LEVEL – Non-Profit Community Organization

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    The Summer Clinic Series is looking for goal scorers between the ages of 4 and 13!
      Click to see if Sidekick is coming to your community and sign up!
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    The 'Kick with Care' Clinic Series will bring soccer to adults with disabilities on a weekly basis in Acton and Somerville, beginning in April. Click to learn more and sign up!
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    The Wolves Futsal Club U12 Boys Heroes will be competing at Disney World this August in the World Futsal Championships! Click to learn more about their - and the entire club's success this winter.
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    The 2nd Annual Dartmouth Summer 7v7 League is now accepting team and player registrations. NEW! for 2015 is TWO DIVISIONS!!! BOYS (age 14 - 16) and MEN (age 17 - 23)! Click to learn more and sign up.

SIGN UP for 7v7 Dartmouth Summer League!

“Enclosed you will find a donation to Sidekick in memory of my brother Jordan. Soccer was his passion, and he’d be thrilled to see the great work you and your staff are doing in developing young talent, on and off the pitch. I wish you continued success with Sidekick.”
Jason Alves

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